Shadows In The Light

SITL (Shadows in the Light) has a complex story. It is about 2 packs, intent on destroying one another. The wolves in each pack are trained from an early age to carry messages, fight and things of that nature.
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PostSubject: Re: Regulations   Regulations Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2008 2:57 pm

EDIT: Posts must now be AT LEAST 2 long paragraphs which include proper grammar, punctuation, capitialization, and EVERYTHING along those lines.
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PostSubject: Regulations   Regulations Icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2008 2:53 pm

These are the rules and regulations of SITL. Follow or be BANNED!


~Please be considerate of others
~Please keep swearing to a minimum. We don't want sentances like "I f-ing hate this f-ing girl because she's so f-ing mean to me!"
~Please keep your real-world feelings to yourself. Just because you feel like crap in the real world, doesn't mean you take it out on us.
~Please don't share your personal information or password with ANYBODY except us admins. Were the good guys! Girls, actually.
~Please don't fall for fake admins. It won't end well. =]
~If you enter your personal information, please only use your first name.


~Pups stay in the nursery until they are 6 moons old. While in the nursery, the have 'pup' at the end of their name. Then they become apprentices with 'paw' at the end of their name. When they earn their warrior ceremony, they get a warrior name, dropping the 'paw'. (ex. Leafpool. She was Leafpaw before her ceremony.)
~Pups are NOT allowed outside camp untill they are apprenticed.
~Only 1 Healer(and apprentice) per pack.
~Warriors must defend their pack, even at the cost of their life.
~Elders and pups in the nursery must be fed before the warriors and apprentices.
~Prey is killed only to be eaten.
~Wolves cannot become beta's without mentoring at least 1 apprentice.
~Beta's become leader if their leader dies or retires to the rank of elder.
~No warrior may neglect a pup in danger or in pain, even if it is from the opposite pack.
~An honorable warrior does not need to kill to win his battles, unless it is neccesary.
~Please no god-moding or power-playing
~The posts can be as long as you like, but it has to have proper grammar, punctuation, and stuff like that.
~Again, keep the swearing to a minimum
~No killing, injuring, or doing anything to another persons charrie wihout specific permission from the characters owner.
~Do not harass anyone in any way.
~I think the rest are pretty obvious. Just...don't do anything stupid. =]

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