Shadows In The Light

SITL (Shadows in the Light) has a complex story. It is about 2 packs, intent on destroying one another. The wolves in each pack are trained from an early age to carry messages, fight and things of that nature.
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Name: Sammy
Age: 12
RP Experience: 3 years
RP Example:

This is my char Vixxe from a dif site:

Vixxe lowered her longing gaze from the now pitch-black sky. Again, exhaustion seized her and brought her crashing to the ground. The fay rested her weary head on outstretched mittens. Her eyes closed. This would be the last time the fay moved. But oh? What's this? The scent of another wolfess? The fay resited the urge to keep her eyes closed and her head down, but Vixxe slowly opened one eye, and seeing no one there, closed it again. A rustle of bushes. Both eyes snapped open like blinds being thrown up. The noise was behind her. Grumbling muffled curses under her breath, Vixxe stopped short when she heard her name uttered aloud.


The blonde vixen froze stiff. No...she though. It can't be...Fayte? Vixxe kept her body facing the opposite direction of the fay, not believing it was the oversized, gentle 'pup' she had met so long ago. A rush of memories flooded Vixxe's mind. It had been the first prey she had ever caught. A mouse, using Vida's excellent hunting skills. Then Fayte had come along. Yes. Vixxe pushed away all other thoughts. It was Fayte, whom she had not seen or heard from since that fateful (hehe..fateful...I crack myself up!) day. The wolfess' next words proved her right.

"Hello? It's's Fayte."

Vixxe closed her eyes, counted to five, and opened them. Fayte was still there; Vixxe could still smell her. Vixxe did not want to be associated with anything from the past; especially anything from when her family was alive. All the blonde vixen wanted was to be gone from this forsaken earth. But that was not going to happen with Fayte around. The tall, dead grasses brushed wildly against the cool, gray rocks that surrounded Vixxe in a sudden burst of thunder and wind. The combination didn't make Vixxe even flinch.

"Please, turn around. I would love to talk to you. Is everything alright?" No...Vixxe thought to herself. Nothing was all right. Another crystal tear dripped from the corner of one eye, and Vixxe knew the scent of her tears bothered Fayte.

"We met once, long ago. Do you remember?" Vixxe slowly turned around to face Fayte. Vixxe was immediatley intimidated by the vixen's size, but could sense and hear, almost feel, the kindness dripping from her voice. "Yes...I remember." Vixxe's voice sounded like rusted bolts, but she didn't care. "We were only pups. I had caught a mouse...then bumped into you." Vixxe added as the memory suddenly bacame clear and sharp in her mind. "And...before you ask, because I know you're going too," Vixxe stopped to catch her breath; so much talking after so much neglect to her body was exhausting her even more, and wobbled a little bit before she could regain her composure. "My family is dead. Vida, Behena, Burn and Souix." Suprisingly, her voice was un-quavering. "And soon I will be too."

It was obvious that Vixxe had given up life, and was willing to give it up to see her family again. Suddenly, another great crash of thunder, and a brilliant flash of light, and the rain came pouring down. Vixxe struggled up and walked uneasily under an overhang of rock.

Accepted XD

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Played by Sammy! Other wolves be Stormpup!
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