Shadows In The Light

SITL (Shadows in the Light) has a complex story. It is about 2 packs, intent on destroying one another. The wolves in each pack are trained from an early age to carry messages, fight and things of that nature.
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PostSubject: Runningwind   Runningwind Icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2009 6:21 pm

Appearance:Runningwind has a silver pelt, he has somewhat of a large build but is still fast for a wolf his size. his ears are black and he has two black fairly sized black strips on his upper right leg. his eyes are a deep blue color almost ocean blue.
Personality:Runningwind is a noble wolf that looks out for others no matter what pack they are in he speaks like no other wolf and can be very persuasive when he needs to be. he is a kind wolf that dislikes fighting but would if it meant helping his packmates. he dislikes the seeming endless rivalry between the two packs, he sees no point in the useless fighting. he seeks a for a way for
both to live together without the fighting that has gone on for so on
Markings:see pic
Pack: lenosa pack
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PostSubject: Re: Runningwind   Runningwind Icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2009 11:07 pm

It all seems great, though it'd be great if you added some appearance to it. Appearance and personality have to be at least a paragraph long if I remember correctly, sorry if I'm wrong. ^.- For markings "see picture" is perfectly fine, though. So, adding a paragraph of appearance would do the trick for ya', and it'd be awesome if you lengthened the personality.

And if there's anything I missed that's wrong and I don't know about, Sammy, please correct me. ^.^


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