Shadows In The Light

SITL (Shadows in the Light) has a complex story. It is about 2 packs, intent on destroying one another. The wolves in each pack are trained from an early age to carry messages, fight and things of that nature.
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 Gazing Through The Reflection

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PostSubject: Gazing Through The Reflection   Gazing Through The Reflection Icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2009 1:23 pm

Snowmist padded through the forest, and to the waterfall, feeling the mist on her fur, dampening it ever so lightly. Snowmist carried herself in her usualy graceful motions, and she looked at the waterfall's water, as it tumbled out, and formed at the pool below which was frothing around the end of the water below, churning up water around it, roaring like an angry lion. She then turned to the cave, and sat behind the water, seeing her reflection in a puddle on the floor. Could my ancestors realy be watching over me? She thought to herself, looking up at the sun through the water. I'll try to be loyal, Crystal. Just like you taught me. She promised softly to no one in particular, but to her dead mother. I miss you, Crystal. I hope your happy where you are. She said, looking down at her paws.
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Gazing Through The Reflection
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